About Me

Hello, my name is Alberto.

Too short description of me? Maybe, but if my writing skills are not so good in Spanish, imagine when I try to explain myself in English, so let get straight to the point.

Why am I writing this urbanism Blog?

Luckily for me, I have been travelling a lot since I was a child . My parents have always enjoy cultural tourism, so If I try to remember any bit of my childhood, most of the times, there is a guide and an historical building involved. This and my weird ability of remember facts and dates with not a great practical application has made that, nowadays, I can quote a wide range of information about art, architecture and history, but I barely remember the simplest recipe for making pasta.

Anyway, architecture can be beautiful, historical, new or not, but the point has always fascinated me is the way architecture, design, urbanism or infrastructure has the ability of transforming not only the spaces, but the behaviours and people's way of life, that's probably the main reason I began to study civil engineering.

As I said, my brain is not great for useful info, so after a while taking a lot of interesting concepts and forgetting the most practical ones I decided to leave my degree...

Urban Transformation in Bilbao
Life is movement, and I kept going with the flow and, like in an old abandoned building, all this knowledge was getting down with the passing of time till only was left a couple of arches and the consistent foundation.

You only can do two things with a ruined building, you can destroy it, so it's not degrading any more, or you can use that ruins to make something. I don't like the idea of rebuilding the same more than once, we are what we are thanks to what we were, but It was time to get informed again, to use all that concepts to make something new.

In this blog I would try to inform and show my point of view of lots of different projects than, in one way or another, with more or less success, reflects that regeneration in the cities, that reuse in the buildings and that improvement in the infrastructure.

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